Why, why

Why, why
Am I here lying in bed,
Wondering if you ever really loved me,
Each passing day you grow farther and farther away.
Whatever happened the father always being there,
Or do I just not me shit to you.
No happily ever after
No father, just the fucked up daughter
Why, why
Is it day after day you lie and slap me in the face with broken promises
And false hopes.
Am I just the daughter you cant except because I have black in me,
Am I not good enough to be cared for?
Why, why,
Why do you continue to do this to me time after time,
Tearing what is left of my heart to pieces
Making it like glass every time someone promises me something.
My mind knows there not the same people but,
My heart doesn’t.
Why, why
Am I stupid enough to continue to believe you time after time,
Why do I continue to trust you even after you step on my heart
Each and every time.
I lose myself each time and lost in the darkness of loneliness
No escape, no refugee,
Just the thump of my heart and broken sobs against my pillow.
So again I ask
Why, why
Do I continue to give you chances when you no longer care

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