Second Guessing


Some people find that peace of mind
Comes after second guessing,
Rearranging words and deeds
Fixing all the "dressing"
But me I'm more, another brand,
I'm on a whole new level.
I second guess a million times
Apologize and grovel.
Nine Times out of ten
I'm a worried old hen
And there's nothing to fret or to worry
But still I won't stop
Or learn how to talk
I'm simply in too much of a hurry!
As much as I regret my regrets,
As often as I'm quite chagrined,
I keep on with all the neuroses
Acting as if I had sinned.
So God prescribe me some comfort,
Some peace and relaxation of mind.
I'm trying to find the right balance,
Let me leave all this guessing behind.


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