Down grape vine hill

Just by the old shop

But not quite the pasture

They sat there rusting

Their eyes fogged

Their color faded

By tiny cat paw prints

In the dust


When I was just a boy

He scared me

Rotted seats hidden behind Corroded bumpers

Looked as fangs

In the flickering flood light


She was different

Scared not was I

But rather mournful

That she'd never be Shining again


But together I regret I disliked them

Stowed amongst the wood piles

Taking precious space

We otherwise had no need


Now they're gone

With the lot of it

From the bustling creek

Gone dry

To the hilltop barn

Which hath fallen

Even Gunner's Run Abandoned


And these memories

Of things I didn't love

I cherish

And these things I hid from

I miss

And this place I grew up

Is gone

Left to rust away

As some other child's Childhood


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