Fri, 03/11/2016 - 01:24 -- Senacal

I hear the words whispering in my head,
"Lonely, alone, lost, forgotten."
"You don't belong."

I look at everyone around me and I ask myself,
"Why are you so far from me when I feel so close to you?"

I claw myself out of my grave so that I can help you.
I bleed red so that I can fix you.
These words pour from my mouth to cover you like a warm blanket in a blizzard.
But you can't find the time to tell me why.

Why did you rip out my heart and trap it in a box?
Why did you lie to me just to make me feel?
Why did you leave?
Now I'm stuck here wishing I can find a way out!

How do I get you off of my mind?
Because I know I'm not on yours.
How do I move on from everything we've accomplished, the way you left everything laying in pieces on the floor.

After all the things that have been said and done.
I'm no longer crying for you.
I can't seem to get my anger out anymore.
I'm stuck.

I'm stuck on the constant thought of why.
Why wasn't I enough for you to stay?
Why have you been pretending all this time?
Why are you making me feel guilty when you're the one to blame?

I thought you needed me to get by.
As much as I needed you.
Joke's on me, because you lied.
I don't need you to survive another day.
I need them to tell me that I didn't waste my time trying to figure out why.


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