I was a lover,

when I was found,

a sweet and innocent

pup from the pound.

They brought me home,

and gave me a bed,

a simple luxury,

I had never had.

and so I thought that I was saved,

a family, a home,

but soon I realized that I was just enslaved.

I couldn’t run and I couldn’t hide,

for I was their dog,

so loyal, who had to abide.

Their voices screamed

and their hands beat

my body quivered

in agonizing defeat.

They turned the love

in my eyes,

to a blazing fire

Of uninvited despise.

They tore the heart

out of my chest,

threw it to the others,

who must not have remembered

life at it’s best.

They took the harmless

dog I had once been

and turned me into

an aggressive sin.

I was a lover,

when I was found,

but now I am no pup,

but a street fighting malicious hound. 



I love your words. My favorite line: "They took the harmless dog I had once been and turned me intoan aggressive sin." Thank you for sharing.

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