The Art of My Artist Language

Thu, 12/29/2016 - 17:40 -- glow32

Shaping My Own View Imagery is very important asset in my life. Lyrically I can openly be expressive without words and that has been my safe place for years. Did you know colors represents different words? Take for instance, when you see the color Red what does that represent? Red can mean love, heart, aggression when its mixed with black, or even Energy when its mixed with yellow. That why I love to express my thoughts or emotions through Re-Imaging Digital Art with the various Effects that will define the tone of the Art. I can tell my whole life story in one picture and no one would ever know the true meaning but me. Can you imagine living in your own world where you can re-image your castle that’s deep in the Tropical city of your Right Hemisphere. Colored with High Definition Effects that characterized your cultural discourse of your own social diversity. Using free Clip art to enhance your background setting to a Passionate Fiery Red that stimulates the exotic timeless kiss of the long lasting Fuchsia flavored tone. I can take any Digital artwork and embrace the difference of point of views in my own freedom, outlined in a Jade Dragon border embarked by our equal but yet Forbidden Red Exterior Frame. In my Digital story-like Movie, I allow you all too see the War behind the criminal minds of these tiny toons in my eyes. Exploring our History with the different shapes that characterized the Emotional Spiritual warfare that blinds the ignorant coloring of Darkness that we all have control over so lets Re-image it in that Longing Peacefullness.Thank you:Gloria J. Jackson 

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My country
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