The White Lion of Jehovah

The sun shines as God approaches,
He leaves a beam of light in the dark forest.
The beam of light brightens to a shape of a lion.
God sent him to shimmer the forest to lustre;
To heal all the fellow creatures of the lands,
For all the creatures that suffer.


The lion is a warrior who fights alone!
He makes Satan's demons tremble in fear;
His roar is powerful than a tornado,
His teeth and claws are swords,
His sapphire eyes stare with ferocity;
His white fur and his mane is his shield;
All angels are wary of his power  
Because he can kill an entire army with his paws!
Although he is the strongest angel,
His heart is purer than gold.


The lion comes with compassion and mercy;
He walks grace and pride, leaving not a trace,
His mane shines brighter than the diamond in the ruff;
All the creatures honour and fear him;
No beast dares to be his foe,
For he is a formidable weapon of God!


For all the creatures of the forest,
He makes the waters clean for all animals to drink.
He makes the fruit ripe for the bears and birds;
The lion provides the other beasts with fresh fish.


The White Lion healed the forest's creatures,
Provided their wants with little trouble,
The Great Lion shimmered the forest to light!
God calls for him with the beam of light,
So he returns.
All the creatures delight his stride back to the light,
For he is The White Lion of Jehovah!

~ Malcolm White


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