Ode to a spider

Tue, 05/14/2013 - 23:25 -- Bmuya12


United States
47° 38' 7.9656" N, 122° 38' 41.2152" W

Arachnid terror, dark creature of the night
that haunts the cupboards like a blackened wight
this fantastical creation who we appoint king of fears
is hardly the creature that truly appears

true its eyes may shine a bloodshot red
while the monstrocity lurkes under bed
yet what's the worst eight eyes can do
they only serve to identify you.

True its legs may be hairy, may be black and unclean
utensiles used to scurry accross the floor unseen
yet if we truly fear this bristled fiends touch
then how do we tolerate our pet dogs so much.

I think the reason that we truly fear
this peculiar creature that I hold very dear
Is its solitary nature, cunning and skill
the bane of insects it loves to kill.


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