She approaches, her claws scratch the surface of my heart. Always and forever I tell he     r even though it was just the start, she smiles and lays one on me then another, ok ok I say, I know we were made for eachother. Round and around she goes about and in that I realized that nothing will ever amount because even at her worst she shines, so brilliant it hurts and yet comforts me. My heart yearns for those excited expressions and pleading pitches of anticipation. My hands stroke her, so silky smooth such as cotton and yet undone as easily as well. Our relationship was the smybolism of heartbreak that day, as you whimper in my arms and shake as if drenched and stationed on Mt.Rainier. I whisper in your downward ear, for security and reasurance, but it wasn't for you, but for me. I catered to your every need none too small nor big, until they took you away from me and said that I should dig, a hole, a hole in the ground not knowing that I already had one in my heart. They told me that you were gone and loved by another, but I said there can be no other mother than me the one you approached because you are mine and I am yours. You can not be loved by another because you never left and it's not all in my head. You are my favorite pet.,.dfb   , ,,,,            

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