Mans Best Friend


United States
26° 6' 42.9264" N, 80° 25' 17.49" W

Mans best friend
Free and wild
Runs like a child.
Loved by all men.

Not quite the hen.
Trapped in a box,
Awaiting its demise,
Conscious of surprise.

Not quite the pig.
Smarter than most,
Smells like pork roast.
Caged and raised,
Killed and glazed.

And Man’s best friend
Will soon be dead

Regression of humanity
Progression of insanity

All morality is lost
Justified, by taste and cost

But a new day comes along.
A new day, to rationalize the wrong.

Ignorance is as bliss
As a bloody fist.

Educate the masses
Inform all classes
Animal cruelty is inexcusable
The earth and its crops, reusable.

Let’s keep on keepin on,
Says the man to his dog.
Says the famer to his hen
Says one man to ten.

Life is worth living.
Lets keep on swimming.


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