I lost her.

I lost her smile.

I lost her love.

I lost her compassion.

It seems as if she is gone forever,

never to be held in my grasp again.

I searched for her.

I journeyed into the far corners of the my mind,

looking for any sign of her existence.

I ran up and down the valleys of thoughts.

I prayed and cried for her return.

I had never experienced such loneliness without her.

It had seem as if I was on a hopeless chase,

searching for someone that never existed.

Perhaps she was never mine to keep?

Perhaps she was never real?

Maybe I'm crazy,

or maybe this is all too real to believe,

but I still feel her hold onto me.

I can still hear her calling for me in the darkest corners of my heart.

After all I have done to hurt her,

After the bruises and heart aches I have implanted on her skin,

scared in her memory,

like blood stains that can never be removed.

She somehow still reaches out to me.

She somehow still loves me.

I thought I had lost her.

I thought she was gone.

But she found me.

I found me.

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