Ruff Ruff


Ruff ruff

I arrive at my new home

Tail wagging and bragging

The space is enormous

I love the new site

My family is so sweet

Petting me, cuddling me

I could stay here forever, it is heaven


Ruff ruff

The time passes in a blur

Eating, playing, walking

I head over to my mother, scratching her leg

but she has a thin metal box in her hand

Crying, weeping, screaming

It’s like she can’t see me


Ruff ruff

I sulk back to my bed

Hiding my tail between my legs

But I cannot hold it in any longer

I go to the bathroom on the floor



“Why can’t you train yourself? You are such a hassle, I don’t have time for this”

Ruff ruff

The weeks go by slowly

Sometimes there is no water

No nightly walks

No one who plays with me


Ruff ruff

“Be quiet! Why do you bark so much?”

What am I doing wrong?

I only want some attention




Ruff ruff

I hop into the family car

Rolling around on the seat
We drive for what seems like forever

And stop at an unknown place

I don’t know where this is


Ruff ruff

Inside I see so many dogs

I go to say hi


Ruff ruff

When I turn around, I never see their faces again

And suddenly I’m locked in a cage with bars

The metal twists itself into hands, choking me

I feel lonely and confused


Ruff ruff

I see a tiny human

With sticky stuff all over her face

She leans down and I lick her

She giggles and pets my head


Ruff ruff

I am taken to a new home

I do not know how I feel

I hope it is nice here


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