Meat Is Murder

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 00:53 -- jojoana

While they dine at the table I close my eyes

It's a feast of death

Chickens, pigs, and cows have now become a meal on their plate

They eat with smiles on their face happily enjoying the taste of death

They don't know the reality behind that flesh on their plate

They buy meat perfectly packaged at the stores while they walk with eyes closed, they're not awake

They are not conscious about the life the butchers have taken away

The work is just done for them

Advertisements of food on TV and billboards have made us ignorant 

They dont show us what really goes on behind the walls of a slaughter house

The meat industry is the most greedy 

Innocent creatures are tagged with a number and have no say in what'll take place next, but you can see the fear in their eyes and they can sense death from afar

Welcome to Auschwitz and welcome to slavery, this never ended

Mother cows, pigs, and chickens are parted from their babies

Families are separated 

They're confined into cages so small that they dream of running and playing

They're terrified because they hear the cries of the ones about to die

They no nothing about love or affection because no one has given them a kind touch

No one has spoken a kind word to them 

They are killed by greedy people who think money is more important than the lives they've stolen

And all that pain and fear the animals feel, all the blood they shed is what we ingest 

Meat, the skin of the innocent, of the kind creatures, the ones who wanted a long happy life

I dream of the day they'll be free

I dream of the day they'll no longer be a meal

I dream of families at dinner tables eating colorful foods grown from Earth not the body parts of the defenseless

It's time to remove the blindfolds

It's time to accept that animals are not commodities, animals are not property, animals should be free, just like us. 



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