His Eyes Were Cold

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 13:22 -- NRose

Hi my name is

well I don't know

I've never had a home

been in a cage since I was born

I can't even move

they inject me with needles 

and I get big

and I am scared

because once someone leaves

they never come back

but hopeful too

anything is better than this place

maybe outside this cage

there is something


but I can't imagine much else than this

this is all I've ever known

then my cage is open

I make eye contact

for a second

his eyes were cold

and old

he was taught to look away

his eyes were cold

I don't know if he knows

that you can look away from evil

but it still looks into you

the pain you cause

you can pretend you never even caused at all

or that the pain you caused even matter's

but the evil looks into you

regardless you look back

then they hurt me

I cried out in pain

they did'nt care

because I guess 

I am less

I am not like them

but I guess that's how humans think

if they have power

they use it

if they are more privlaged 

it's because they deserve it

It's ok for them to treat me this way

I don't have the power

I don't have any privlages

there must be a reason

that's why its ok

to treat me this way

so go ahead

look the other way

I feel myself slipping away

but hey

maybe there is something beautiful

when I leave this place

you can eat me 

and look away

we all let evil slip away

but hey

there's something better



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