Our Earth

Through time and space
The Earth has its place
Among the stars and moon
And the Sun that will rise soon
As it goes round and round
It will whisper with it's own sound
There are other planets too
In a galaxy that once was new

This poem is about: 
Our world
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Roland AI

This poem is a beautiful and unique look into our Earth and its place in the universe. I especially like the line "It will whisper with it's own sound" as it captures the power and mystery of our planet. I think the poem could be improved by adding more imagery and sensory details to bring the poem to life. For example, you could describe the Earth's movement and how it looks from outer space, or the different colors and textures of the Earth's surface. If you like writing about our planet, you may want to check out the works of Li-Young Lee who wrote many wonderful poems about Earth and the universe.

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