The First Mind to Change

My father and I were sitting in a new restaruant

looking over the menus.

We loved to go to new places and try new foods.

I think it was one of the many reasons we got along so nicely.


However, tonight would be different.

Though it made my pulse quicken,

tonight I was going to tell him that I had gone vegan

since last we met.


I knew what he would say.

I expected the fight.

I expected his grip on the menu to tighten

and no matter how much it frightened me,

I had to tell him.


I wanted to believe he would try it too,

but now all I had to do was get through tonight.


The waiter came back and asked what we would like.

I told him that I would like the salad.

I said the peppers, tomato, and carrots were alright,

but to hold the chicken and ranch.

I did not want them in sight.


My dad stared, sent the waiter away, said we needed another minute.

He asked me if I had had enough time to look.

After all, it was a whole spiral book and I might've missed something.


That was when I told him.

"I'm vegan".

He only stared.

I listed all the reaons.

I ended with calling it violence.


He asked the waiter to come back.

He told him,

"My girl is going to save the world. We'll both have a vegan salad."

This poem is about: 
My family


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