The princess of the Pridelands,

Her fur golden-orange, bright like the sun, and her soul reflects that,

Overprotectivness from Simba, the king, her dad, causes a streak of darkness.

Stay on the marked path, don't talk to strangers, you can get stepped on, hurt or lost.

But, she belives in We Are One  with all her heart. Her second half, Kovu, the Outsider.

Deeper and deeper in Upendi they fall. The  Overprotectiveness reins by the king

But, Kiara knows in her heart, that Love will find a way.

She may say: I may not be brave, or strong or smart.

However that is a qaulity of three she posses.

She is strong, brave and smart, the whole bundle.

May she rein peacefully over the Pridelands with her true love, Kovu.


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