"The Unknown"

Sat, 06/07/2014 - 03:19 -- angey7

"The Unknown"

Tossed and heaved into the unknown
There's a consequence for what I have sewn
For every secret I have been shown
Ghostly paths from past to present
What shall the future become? like a bomb to be blown.

Not wanting to hold back my tears
Shutters away more of my dark fears
Stuck in the same rhythm for too many years
Broken promises. Lies wound  this heart
Sharp tongue .. cut into me like spears

Bled me till my soul was dry
Till I couldn't stand any more.. So I cry
A sweet generous hand.. so I think
Grab me.. grab me before I sink
Love me if you can.. Show me how to fly

Into the great unknown
Consequences are always sewn
For secrets to be shown

Ghostly paths take us to forbidden places
Where love & passion never ends.
No more just friends.
If we are loved forever.. all depends

Tossed and heaved into the unknown
Lets not worry about consequences for what we've sewn
For every secret the heart has shown
Ghostly paths will disappear
As lovers fight to kiss with greater sincere
No truer love will fall into the unknown.
Hold onto what paths .. of ghostly words have to say
For our future is in ancient worlds.. and forbidden pasts
Never let go of what we have.
Because love is of the greater Unknown.
Open your eyes to what it has shown.

(C) 2010 by Angela Dorwin


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