Born into this World


United States
33° 29' 46.3956" N, 111° 57' 51.0228" W
United States
33° 29' 46.3956" N, 111° 57' 51.0228" W

Swimming in a pool of amniotic fluid

Virgin to the unknown world.

Momma cow releases her child, filled with joy to have brought a child in to this world.

And yet when she goes to turn and look at her creation, men swarm the child,

leading it away to a place unknown. 

The mom bellows in fear and anger, for she wants her child back, 

the strength of a bond between a mother and her child is one like no other.

Its cruel to seperate the two.

But its business.

The baby will be used as veal, the mother will be put back in her cage

forced to produce milk, but not for her child, for humans.

Humans that no longer need our mothers lactate, greedy humans that refuse to see

pain and suffering, but instead focus on profit.

Standing alone in her cage getting sucked dry by machines that cant tell the difference.

The difference between milk, blood, or puss.

This is the fifth child she has produced, yet she only caughten a glimpse of two.

To her, these humans are slave owners, and theives.

To the Humans( non-vegan humans), she is simply an object.

In this day and age, its not neccessary to keep our animals friends enslaved

we are all on this little planet trying to survive together.

We claim we love animals, but not enough to stop the pain,

we continue to eat and use the ones we "love".

We need to change the way we think and eat, in order to further

cbetter the health of ourselves, the beautiful planet we live on,

and our relationship between animals.






I love this so much.

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