What Is It You See?

Do you see him cowering there in the corner?

His owner has beaten him, he’s falling apart.

Broken bones, it’s a cycle that never ends.

He whimpers. Will bad fortune ever bend?


Do you see her all alone?

She sits in that small box all day long.

Somehow, this all just feels so wrong.

The bad man hits her and she constantly whines.

She always lays there wondering why

They yell at her and get rid of her pups,

Claim it’s a purebred, but really, it’s a mutt.

Living in these conditions is just so rough.

She has to lie in her own feces and nasty stuff.


In a different community, do you see?

A big pit bull walking down the street.

He walks with his owner happily,

He loves her, she’s every bit his family.

“Euthanize that beast,” he hears them shout.

He wags his tail and his owner boops his snout.

“It’s okay. They’ll never understand,

I love you even if they claim you’re banned.”

The dog wags, not worried about hate,

He has his owners love and that’s all it takes.


But across the globe, what is it you see?

That same breed, forced to fight in order to eat?

She doesn’t comprehend this at all.

She wants to play, not fight this dog.

She wants to be loved, this ain’t right.

She is still forced to fight for her life.

Torn muzzle and a torn face,

Only matter of time till life is lost in this race.


In that shelter, all alone...

A Rottweiler yips and he groans.

In his cage, he barks with all his might.

“Please notice me, I’m friendly, I’m nice.”

Daily, still they pass him by,

Never will he experience his freedom ride.

He’s all alone and scared for his life.

Now that more room has to be made, he has to die.

Was it worth it buying a puppy from that random guy?


In a lab, his brother hides.

Pumped full of chemicals, he didn’t choose this life.

He whimpers, whines and he growls,

He wants to be free so he lifts his jowls.

Is there a life where he could be free?

Will there be an end to animal cruelty?


In the house a family resides,

Happiness they promise they’ll provide.

A little lab jumps to his feet.

They walk out the door, “please don’t leave.”

“Don’t you know my first family abandoned me?”

“I do trust you or at least I try.”

“I really hope that you don’t say goodbye.”

“My last family left me alone in the house,

When the volunteer found me, I was eating a mouse.”

“I did what I had to so I could hold on,

I’m so thankful I stayed so strong.”

“Thank you so much for giving me a chance,

My life, every aspect, you have enhanced.”


Now do you see why I fight for their rights?

I do it so they can have a better life.

I do it so they don’t worry that they’ll die.

I do it so I can sleep at night.

What do you do to be their light?

I raise awareness, I read and write.

I love dogs and I love my life.

In the end, I fight for them because I do what’s right.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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