To my Freedom

To my Freedom,

I first saw you

eyes troubled and body worn

but her spirit and age like new

so many failed before

but your fire was never torn 


I first felt the same

your coat like the sun

a mane that put great blazes to shame

I say to you, my freedom, my flame:

"Release your majestic mind, my Freedom

for no man will strike you 

or make you feel numb,

but please my Freedom.

Lend me your wings 

your reliable hooves,

your powerful back,

and I will give you my heart."


I first felt you accept me

with that soft sigh

trauma you forever bid goodbye.

Together we overcame

oxars, hedges, logs galore!

You pawed your mighty hoof

and pranced electrified!

"I will win!" you told me.

When I told you to wait you sighed,

and when I loosened my reins

they only thing spectators saw

was a blazing red hide

flames dancing behind!


I first saw you

struggling to lift your weight

when you would lay and wait.

Eyes troubled and body worn,

but not like the first time.

Fire in your eyes

determination in your gut

even at your age, but

you looked at me,

and you told me: 

"Release me, my Freedom

I am tired and weak

my pain now keeps me from sleep.

You must do what must be done

for this last battle can not be won.

Please my Freedom.

Lend me your strength.

For, now I must rest.

your love for me must stand the test."

I accepted what you told me

and watched you.

I held your head in my lap

under that oak tree

and stroked your mane as you slipped away.


So still you now lay.

A piece of me went with you

when my Freedom passed that day.


*Dedicated to my first horse*

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