In a land where wolf and lamb shall graze together;

Where lions leave meat and eat straw like the oxen

From where the spotless, on  horse, shall ride hither                      

To rule all the living and the dead ones risen,                               

There dwells the spirit of a cat whom we called Clyde                

Who though gone, watches us from his deific abode.


Ten and one years ago he turned to be part                                        

Of our threesome clan as the dearest, cutest cat                                         

With his red nose, bright eyes, proud face andnoble heart.            

His world was ours and ours his. Lo!  Those days are past.                                   

His orangey white garb has turned to ashes.                                                           

His mews cannot be heard in the earthly realms.        


He was more than a human being; we’ve discerned it.                          

For he shared brood, glee, and moments of grief with us                        

As if he read all our inner thoughts bit by bit.                                    

 He pleased us with his kittenish traits in all ways.                                                     

Yet leaving deep void, in a trice he withered.                                   

 Rest in peace Clyde. You shall dearly be remembered.                            


This poem is about: 
My family
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