The help i couldnt give, is my reason to Fight.

You looked at me, like I looked at you the first time I brought you home.
With eyes filled with fear, of loneliness and a desperate cry for help.
You were there in my times of loneliness, and as I held you, it was unbelievable that you would imitate in holding me back.
With raspy kisses on my cheek, as if saying it will all be okay. And it did.
But the same embrace I tried to give you, couldn’t heal you.
You needed me, but I wasn’t able to give you what you pleaded.
The cure to your mysterious pain.
Money acted as a grim reaper. It’s what took you away, since I couldn’t afford to help you. Not even to help you leave in peace.
As you fought for your last breath, something I couldn’t imagine happening so soon, anger swept over me.
How could I let an animal, a living being, that loved me with all he had, leave in pain? Something could’ve been done to save him, but a beings greed of money couldn’t allow it.
With a screech of pain, you were gone, and life hit me back again.
Holding your lifeless body, a pain in my heart tore me apart like no other pain has.
I petted his little body for the last time, wishing he would purr as I massaged his head, but no response.
Left alone again.
An animal’s life means the world to me. Even more so, their unconditional love.
My reason to fight, is to not let anyone feel that pain of not being to help their life because of the lack of money and the greed people could have.
If I don’t fight for them, who will? They deserve the right to live just as long and healthy as we do.


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