Left for Dead, They Left Me

Blood dripped down his face

The bones stuck out, and screamed aloud

"Left for dead, they left me"


There was no trace of hope in the worn down eyes  

For years no one heard its cries

The coat stained red as it said

"Left for dead, they left me"


The legs fell to the floor

They could not hold him anymore

hungry and alone 

he yelled out once more,

"I cannot do this anymore" 


Thats when the people in red found him 

A horse barley breathing 

they pet his face and cradled his head 

"Left for dead, they left you." 


They took him away from the horrible place

"time to mend a broken soul" 

the people in red said


They took him to a place, 

to replace

his tears to cheers.


They whispered sofltly in his ear

"no need to be in fear, we are the ones who care

we are the ones who know what they have done is not fair

we are the ones who will give you hope

we are the ones who will help cope"



In dedication to the Red Bucket Equine Rescue 






















Nice poems laila.


re read both though.

there are about 2 small errors. 


other than that they are great, you are really good.        :)

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