Crows are nice


Reflection of colored sunglasses shades

mimic the iridescent colors on the feathers fade

bike horn honk pulled from your beak

awakes everyone surrounding as you try to speak

intelligence shining from your eyes 

making friend or foe with passersby

family groups encounter daily

love, caring, protecting gayly

misunderstood as being a dangerous pest

learning our demeanor  is your quest 

bombing your roost with powder and shells

surviving through extinction has been your hell

poison you and the rest of the chain

you bounce back not showing the pain

Helping others no matter the cost 

chewing on Carrion keeps your palate sauced

Human environment kept clean day after day

you don't receive what you deserve in pay

removing the dangers, unwanted, unloved

can you forgive us? Can you still show us love.  



This poem is about: 
Our world


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