Hello I am currently a high school student and I am using this poem for my folio piece, feedback would be much appreciated although I am unsure if it is possible yet as this site is new to me but here goes 


I stared longinly out to the lake vast and blue 

I chucked a rough acorn, then your ball for last.

The lake swallowed it as darkness in a pit.

A single magpie drifts on by.


The Enflamed trees were cold to the touch,

Like then. The day. Your paw I did grasp.

It hurts to remember the good.

It is inescapable.


The dark of the clouds cut the rays of the sun,

as the blurred blue leaves dropped around me.

Only then, do I say to myself

Gold is blue and blue is gold 



I think this is possibly the greatest poem I've ever heard ever. It helps me navigate through the labyrinth that are my feelings 

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