Giving a voice to those in silence

Animal curelty is everywhere

It's become a part of everyday life and no one seems to care.

It's in our everyday products, our medicine, our food

And yet our attitudes towards this subject have become horribly eschewed.

We turn a blind eye to the pig being slaughtered for his meat. 

Or to the dog chained up outside in the sweltering heat.

We turn our heads away from the rabbint being blinded in the name of beauty.

These animals do not deserve such cruelty.

I want to live in a world that knows kindness.

Not a world only known for its blindness.

Show me a world that prefers to love rather than kill.

Give me the opportunity and I will!

I want to become an animal rights lawyer

And perhaps, one day, be known as the animal cruelty destroyer!

I wish to help put an end to these atrocities

Because greed and murder should never be a part or anyone's philosophies.


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