Dear Deer,


My deepest apologies for stopping you here.

I simply noticed something simple

About the fact you walk so nimble.

Don’t you know there are hunters about?

Yet within you there seems no doubt.

If I may, I pray thee to tell me,

How can you walk so safe3ly, so simply?

Have deer no thought in their brains?

Do they take shelter from the rains?

It almost seems secret, the lack of fear.

I guess it’s just common in many a’deer…


But could it be the lack of care?

Or protection by their very short hair?

No… there’s something different here…

There’s no guilt to bear…

No horrid lies,

No doe dies,

Knowing death to fear.

Guiltless stands there…

A deer is so simple,

And there’s no sadness there.


Much admiration,

                                  Ethan Liddell


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