Perfect Daughter

Apply yourself in school, you’re a smart girl; be a good role model, you have two younger sisters who look up to you; keep your room clean; wash your sheets weekly; do all your laundry but air dry your shirts you don’t want them to shrink; help your sisters with their homework; drive your sister to practice; pick her up from practice; take your sister to her friends; take your sisters out to eat; I’m too busy with work; But I have a life of my own; this is how you sing at church; this how you pray; this is how you talk to others; be nice to those you hate; after school do the dishes; go to work all day; go pick up your sisters; you better have your homework done; don’t bother me with questions because I have to help your sisters; you’re a smart girl; figure it out yourself; don’t sass your father; respect me and my decisions; respect goes both ways; don’t have a boy in your room; it’s not proper for a young lady like yourself; pull your shirt up, you’re asking for attention; that dress is too short; is that what you want boys to think of you? Go to church; thank God daily; forget about those boys; you’re a proper young lady; keep up your grades; that is how you’ll go to college; we have your sisters to think about; why are you so stubborn; listen to me; this is how you cook dinner; this is how you help your mom; this is how you set the table; be the perfect daughter we want you to be; why aren’t you like your sisters; this is how they make good grades; this is how they play sports; this is how they go to church; this is how they behave; I’m trying, I’m trying; look at how they’re turning out; what went wrong with you; look at what you’re sisters do; you could learn a thing or two; how is school going? Don’t answer that I don’t really care; this is how we keep things in order; abide by God’s law and only God’s law; this is what we believe; you believe it too; are you listening, I’m trying to explain; when did this distance form; I’m still you’re little girl; this is how I hide my hurt; I’m trying hard for you; your sisters are doing so well; I’m so proud; are you proud of me?

        This is how I do my hair; hours in the bathroom are what I like best; this is how I look good; this is how I dress myself; this is how I express myself; this is how I spend my free time; I read all day; I don’t like sports; physical activity bores me; this is how I talk to others; I can’t be nice all the time like you say, people can really irk me; I can’t be compared to my sisters; this is how I am myself; this is how I try to make myself happy; our family is small; you make me feel alone; my sisters mean a lot and so does my mom; but when it comes to you Dad, I feel like a disappointment; I tend to make mistakes; my heart is big; I try to please everyone; that’s just unrealistic; this is how I show my love; this is how I distance myself; this is how I keep it together; sometimes it’s easier to just leave you alone; this is how I explore different interests; this is how I differ from right and wrong; this is how I grow; this is how I make mistakes; this is how I figure things out on my own; this is how I plan out my future; this is how I’ll form my own opinions, without your influence; this is how I will move away; this is when I’ll know who I am, without someone looking over my shoulder; this is how I will apply myself; this is how I will constantly care for my sisters; this is how I’ll find my church; this is how I’ll dress myself; this is how I will be the perfect daughter you so hope me to be.

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My family
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