Why Do We Blame Them?

I look to the clouds

For fear of falling to reality

Where dogs’ hearts are broken into pieces

We blame the breeds

But we don’t blame ourselves

For what we’ve done to the dogs

Dogs love humans more than themselves

We are their best friends

We need to learn

What is actually happening

Around the world to these poor dogs.

When I look at the dogs

I see cruelty, abuse, and neglect.

These dogs only want love

Which some never get

In the shelters

The dogs are sad

They wait for homes

But some are killed

Before they get a chance

They are killed in 3 days time

Because of their breed

They are discriminated against

The dogs aren’t judged

By their personalities

But by the breed they’re mixed into

These dogs are left to die with no regret

And all they ask for is love and care

Why can’t we as humans love them

And be the person they see us as

Even though some are beaten

They always bounce back

We dream up what we think the breeds do

We come up with description

That labels the breeds.

We as humans label certain breeds as “Bully Breeds”

Because we see them as vicious, mean, attack dogs

“Bully Breeds” are actually

The best dogs around

We blame dogs for our problems

But we are the problem

We discriminate against them

While they love our every flaw.


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