If We Deserve Survival

Wed, 12/14/2016 - 02:25 -- LBLRRH

Keep going.

I dare you.

But I can't fool you.

My children will starve

And be excited to see trees

At the rate

That everything is disappearing.

Prepare for fishless oceans

And a nonexistent ozone.

We'll need to make our own oxygen

And only will be known

For destroying a place that once supplied

Enough life for fewer to die

In third worlds of starvation.

But if enough food is grown

To feed ten billion,

Why isn't there enough for the existing seven?


If the world does

Keep going

And listens to the dares,

Then what's the point of caring

Once the grasslands go bare?

Because obesity has never been higher,

And never have stomachs been emptier.

Eating your meat takes at least fifteen more acres

Than it takes for the plant eaters.

Industrialization, while it makes

Everything feel easier,

Once all resources we take,

Life will meet every barrier

To survive

Or even slightly forward strive.


I've already decided

That my children will be adopted

Because of the way the world is breaking

Because an okay life should belong to someone.

Okay lives will be the only ones

That will exist after this,

Better than homelessness,

Or starvation,

And no one will have bliss.

Okay is all I can attempt to promise,

And I know I will struggle with this.


But all because we must eat our cows,

Send the food grown in Africa to FEED OUR FOOD

While they eat nothing,

Because we must eat our pigs, our fish, our chicken,

We will all be left with nothing.

We eat meat to be as strong as an ox,

Yet the mighty ox eats


And I learned at science camp

That the only way we survive

Is by eating plants.

As the cows eat the grass

All the energy they keep.

But when we eat the bright eyed cow,

Ten percent is all we receive.

We don't need the animals to be in our stomachs,

Because we survive when our bodies are without flummoux.

And do not attempt

To bring up animals need meat.

The ones that actually do have much sharper teeth.

And many plant eaters are with teeth sharper than ours,

And if we're really meant to eat meat,

Why must it be charred?

Why must we beware salmonella of chicken and egg?

Because wild animals would never eat it that way.

They eat it raw, how it's meant to be eated

If you have the right digestive system.


So we eat our meat when we don't really need it,

And maybe it tastes good, but only if it's seasoned.

But to most of us it's worth it

Even if it does more than half

The damage to our ecosystem

Than plastic bags,

Driving cars,

The industrial pollution.

If we want to survive

There is only one solution.

Turn around and halt the animal industry.

I promise you can still enjoy

A good chocolate chip cookie.

Cooking is a fantastic revision.

It brings us flavors that we could never fathom.

But we don't need to be scared

Of eating our potatoes raw"

They don't make us sick,

Keep longer than meat,

And saved the Irish from famine and awe-

Struck terror.


Every scientist knows that it's true,

And doctors don't know better than to lie to you.

I eat the way I eat for more than just ethics,

But because my kids will suffer

Unless we all change our methods.

We must start the change now

And vote with our dollars.

The only way to keep the future

Is to give up animal slaughter.

And if you don't believe me, you'll see"

You're killing your own future families.

I know humans are far from the best,

But I think we can earn a chance.

If we deserve survival, then we'll do what's right,

And more and more people will change overnight.

Please, don't kill my family

Because you like the taste of flesh,

Or else it will be

You treat your fellow human as less.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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