Nowhere To Hide

remember when we were in love

we had each other it was just enough

you told me i was all you need

just you and me

i remember when you were down

i picked you up right off the ground

held you tight told you it was alright

stood by your side

but now the tides gone

the wind stopped blowin

and i can't dare to see myself

out there alone again

you were my angel

you taught me how to fly

but now my wings are broken 

and i have nowhere to hide

when i had you then i knew

that our love was really true 

and to prove to you we do

you know you'd be the same too

and I'll never ever quit you

you know I'll be there just with you

I'll be waiting there with tissues 

take care of every issue

This poem is about: 
My family
Guide that inspired this poem: 


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