My pups (P.O.V of a wolf mother)


 One, Two, Three, Four 

wait a minute shouldn't there be two more 

I search and I search 

Not a single scent in sight 

A howl rings through the forest  

A cry of one of my puppies

Sends me running 

I hop, hop, hop over rocks 

I won't stop

And there over the cliff is a small puppy with a single bullet hole in her head

Ihop down to her level nudging her with my nose 

she's gone 

there's no hope

But that's not all there's one still missing 

My runt calls for help 

I run once more this time much faster 

a big bang echoes through the forest 

what was that?

Stopping me in my tracks 

A human

Oh no not that!

Four feet away lays a puppy 

My puppy 

A big hole sits on her chest 

My two itty bitty pups deserved no pain 

They were small little fluff balls that caused no pain 

The human leaves satisfied 

leaving my puppies to rot and die

they were killed for fun

they ran for their lives

I howl for everyone to know that DANGER is around

and to run and hide

Walking to my puppy her stomach rising and falling slowly 

I pick her up by the scruff

and make my way home 

maybe there's hope for her to live and to grow old  

she slowly passed her life drained by the hole which laid on her chest 

I watched my puppy close her eyes knowing i'll never see them again 

made me cry 

I howl the longest i've ever howled 

A howl from my pack 

they hear my pain 

two of my pups gone lost to hate 

they did nothing wrong 

they were just playing a game  

I have four now once was six 

We don't deserve this 

We all deserve to live

(this is my first long poem i'm young so please understand if it's bad i'm sorry)

This poem is about: 
Our world



I tried my best :)


This is gorgeous. Good job.


We love your poem!  One of my students is reading this poem for our Poetry Reading Competition.  We would like to give you credit as the author!!  

Please let me know what your name is, if you would like for us to give you credit.  


Thank you! Keep writing... you are a great poet!! You made the teachers cry with this one!

shawndun71 at g mail com

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