Animal Cruelty Poem


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Watching you,

watching you abuse me.

Sad eyes,

asking why?

What have I done? I have just been loyal to you,

you take me for granted.

You use me, 

while I thought you loved me.

Used me for money, entretaining,

I just want love..

I want to say "Stop I love you!"

But I can't defend myself,

it stings, it hurts, I whine, 

it just makes you smile.

I can't fight back, I love you too much,

I've become attached.

What are you doing?

Put me down, please! 

It's a deserted road, we're going to go for a walk! I thought excitely,

my tail becames to wag.

"Damn dog!" He says, while driving away.

Oh! The dog became happier, he wants to play that game!

He wants me to follow him and then there's going to be a nice treat! This is the first time he's shown love, maybe he's changed!

I started to run, "Wait! You're going to fast! I'm going to lose!" I thought tirely.

He left, no where to be seen, it all came crashing to the dog soon after,




Why did he leave me? The dog wanted to cry!

Don't humans love us? If so, why abuse us..

This poem is about: 
Our world


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