Who Are You?

You have not had to feel the pain

Been trapped in a place that does not feel like your home

Or talked at like you were nothing

You have not had to take the beatings

Day in

And day out

Simply because you are who you are

You have not had to understand that 

Every moment is precious

Because living here

In this skin

Every breath could be your last

Have you watched your mother being dragged away from you as she screamed for you until she had no voice?

What is the last thing you remember about your siblings?

Is it the tears in their big, hopeful eyes as you were ripped away from each other?

You have not had to face the hands and voice of the large man

His hungry eyes set upon you like a meal

As he gives you more food than one could physically consume

You have not had to be afraid that every minute could be your last

And you do not care that this could be mine.

Why do you decide my fate simply because you cannot learn to control what goes on your plate?

Why do you not care?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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