Hotter Than Embers


I am confronted by all their faces.

The faces that say please love me

In place of my owner who is an absentee.

So, here I am, giving out warm embraces.

I wish my work was enough,

But here they shall stay in the lost and found.

At least we’re better than a pound,

Letting them live instead of ending them in a snuff.

I stayed with them in their final moments,

Letting them know they’re not alone.

I wish they could have a home of their own,

But my wishing ends in anxiety

Knowing that they could forever be at our Humane Society.

But I shall not fret,

I shall not lose hope in those Society members.

I will let the will to give them what they deserve burn hotter than embers

Because I know it’s something I won’t regret.


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