An Unexpected Visitor

Fri, 05/29/2020 - 09:08 -- himani

I have a visitor who always stays depressed,
Cause she loves eating fish.
Breakfast,lunch or dinner you could find fish in every single dish.
She ate it grilled,spiced,curried or even boiled
When it came to fish she was real spoiled.
She had six sets of fishing rods,
Visited lake every single day to catch catfish,crap or cod.
I never entered her house
It always smelt like a dead mouse.
Once she was cooking one tuna and salmon a bit more,
She heard a loud bang at the door.
On her doorstep stood a baby bear,
As she opened the door she screamed aloud,
Instead of growling the exceptional bear bowed.
"Morning miss! I was really tempted by the smell of your dish".
She overcame her fear and said why wasn't he in the forest and here instead?
" Dear miss, our lake is filled with no fish
All we find is green weed
I couldn't control my hunger and came in search of someone who could feed".
A chill ran through her spine when she thought of momma and dadda bear with empty stomachs,
She invited the baby bear in her house and gave him all her share,
Since then she never dared
To eat the favorite food of a ferocious bear!!

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