Animal Cruelty


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Animal Cruelty
It’s a subject that angers me
They’re beings with feelings
Where’s the humanity?
“A dog is a man’s best friend,” they say
Yet they continue to be abused every single day
Horses, cats, birds, you name it
Abused everyday and the reasons are illegitimate
They did nothing wrong, they don’t deserve this
They’re beings that deserve to be loved and kissed
47 states have made felony provisions
Yet animals are still stuck in these terrible conditions
Abusers, I ask you, ”What is your logic?”
You have no excuse, it’s simply pathetic
Kicked and hit, killed and malnourished, it makes me sick
Humans are the supreme beings, why do we act so barbaric?
The signs of abuse are endless, you see
Malnutrition, hair loss, hoarding, and unexplained injuries
Animals are nothing but loyal and loving
But so many are treated with anger, it’s disgusting
They trust us and love us and they continue to be betrayed
So many live in fear, so many are afraid
They truly love you more than they love themselves
They need a savior, they need our help
Please listen to my plea
We must stop this absurdity
They’re beings with feelings
Have some humanity


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