Meat is murder


Before I was born
It was warm and cosy.
Sometimes I felt unease
But the rest was rosy.


As it gets quite narrow
I feel something touching me
Putting chains to me legs
But I can't get free.


I am pulled from my home
To a very rotten place
Thrown in the dirt
That all in a haste.


A short view of my mother
Then they bring my away
I can hear her crying
But I may not stay.


First time so alone
Two times feeding per day
Then I come to my brothers
In the darkness we stay.


Don't see the sun
Don't feel the rain
Never a wind blow
Is this live a gain?


The days are so boring
Just waiting for feed
No one seems to care about
What we really need.


As we grow so fast
Our home is too small
We can't move anymore
Just stand in this stall.


This is my last way now
I came from the truck
After hours of driving
Between others tight stuck.


A night in the darkness
I smell pain, I smell fear,
No thoughts about sleeping
Where am I here?


Early in the morning
Men started to beat us
Driving us through narrow ways
Just can't go in this fuss.


I can smell death,
There's a gate at the end.
One ofter the other
we enter death's land.


Men in white clothing
All over with blood
Why do I deserve this
No chance here to scud.


I can see all my brothers
Dead without fur
Cut into two halves
My senses blurr.


I am fixed in a machine
A pain in my head
Now they fixing my legs


Pulled to the ceiling
They are cutting my throat
So much pain I can stand it
They're removing my coat.


I cannot scream
Cannot fight back
It feels like slaughter
I feel them hack...


Bon appétit!




Awesome job! I also wrote a peom from the perspective of an animal in a slaughter house! You should check it out! It's called "His Eyes Were Cold"

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