What YOU didn't Tell Me

“Why do you have to be so hard?”

“You know missing one day of practice is like missing the entire season.”

“Why do you always want to kill me?”

“You know I just wait for someone to die in my lanes.”

“Why do you hurt so much?”

“I like to see you cry a little inside.”

You said, “It was going to fun.” “Running in circles is easy!”

I didn’t tell you sometimes Running in circles is terrible and boring!”

“why do you always make me get yelled at?”

  I like hearing “Run Faster, Arms, don't slow down!”  

“I Just want to yell okay Shut up!”, but I can’t because you make my lungs burn up inside.”

“When you get stronger you will be able to yell”

“ Why didn’t you tell me that I will learn to never giving up?

“I wanted to see you build character.”

“Yes, If I can get past the hurt I get from you, I can accomplish anything”

          “You chose me even though I make you cry?”

“Yes, because I become stronger and stronger with every tear a suck up.”

“You chose me even though I make you run in repeated circles?”

“Yes, because you taught me self discipline that I couldn't learn from no one else,    

Track and Field I love you,” I said with a deep smile.

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