Wed, 08/30/2017 - 07:56 -- Mansi

In the evening I went out,
I stand in the balcony
and see a swinging tale
Moving repetitively
I see an innocent face,
Those poor eyes Speaking something
While he kept my gaze
That tale didn't stop
And I went down to him
The tail was faster now,
I offer him food
He eats unstoppingly
As if hungry from ages,
Now it was a daily routine
When he didn't come,
We search for him
It was a day,
When we move ahead
And left him behind
But he cried
As if he was mourning,
Saying, please don’t leave
I will come with you
Wherever you go,
Whenever you need
Just give me to eat
That's all I need,
I will protect you like a shield,
Whenever you'll yield
I will stay awake,
When you will sleep
I will also weep,
To see you sad
I will not eat,
If your mood is bad
That day was the day,
I forgot all my worries
Because now, he is there
With his tail swinging and furry
The way it moves,
It lights me up
He is not a dog,
He is my family
He is more human,
Than all of us
If we spell dog backwards,
We get the word, who it is
He is god in the guise of a dog

This poem is about: 
My family


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