Alba, my sweet puppy

Oh, Alba, my sweet puppy,
How I miss your wagging tail,
Your playful bark, your silly jumps,
And the love that we would share.

You came into my life so small,
But you grew up big and strong,
A loyal friend, a faithful companion,
Who was with me all day long.

Your eyes were like two shining stars,
Reflecting love and joy,
And in your little furry body,
Lived a soul that was pure and true.

But now you've crossed the rainbow bridge,
And left a void in my heart,
I'll always cherish our memories,
And the love that we imparted.

Rest now, my dear Alba,
And know that you are missed,
But in my heart, you'll always live,
As my forever faithful bliss.

Your Man 25

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My family
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