Coco a tale of resilience

As vibrant as a summers glow

As tough as woodchippers blade

As soft as a silk woven robe

But not as limited as a cloth but rather….

As intricate as persian rug

When I met you my heart was uplifted 200 beats

I don't believe my eyes

That such a beautiful and wonder creature exists

No more would I be stricken with pride and selfishness

I now had a pet

Something I can care for and responsibilities that I once lacked I now have

This was all unbelievable 


The most unthinkable was preparing to happen

When I just goofed off at the sight of a little dog

A meaningful tragedy was about to come true

Even to this day seeing them prope inside your face and mouth 

Bring a great sadness but 

I can say I've been at death's door and stared the reapers face

But you stole 15 years from the man


This poem is about: 
My family
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