My emotions are bursting out like a screech on a violin. 

I miss you and it's this pain I can not hold within.


From the moment I laid eyes on your furry little head,

to the seconds before I heard that you were dead.


Gone with the wind,

Or gone in the dust,

My heart reaches out for you like a bullseye to a dart.


I will not forget the endless kisses and barks good-bye,

Not even the time I fed you my fries.

The time I took you on that walk,

The time you left me in the dark.


I will never forget your warming body,

So cuddly and soft, and loved by everybody.


I could cry myself to sleep thinking of all of the good times.

But now it's time to begin life sublime. 


I love you Montygoo.

You will never understand how much I love you.


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