The fondness of Iacobus


United States
43° 23' 18.6144" N, 84° 4' 48.5796" W

Rain covers my pallet in purifying drops
My tresses are swollen, bleeding out their tops
Bewitched by the wind, and bleeding out their tops

Petals fall, like new china on the side walk
I hear the crash all around me
The falling of hard mourners, crashing all around me

I bite my lip, breath in, with thoughts to sultry to bear
Lilac sail down, at the wind’s shameless despair
To a green carpet they sail by, a shameless despair

Hot wind glides, whispering leaves goodnight
Aiding, abiding the clustered children of the night
The wind ever guides the lucid children of the night

He breaks the scuttle all around me
With a smiling fondness he has found me

Sitting here, beat by beat
The fondness of his heart surrounds me

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