The Leman


You held me. Spoke few but

The words Gone,

You were gone and your shadow left


I can’t see myself-

In the mirror,

A figure of stranger struggling.

Holding on to the smoke

Slipping, freeing,dying between –

My fingers

Latching for flesh, yours darling, yours only yours.


Why punish and why die,

we are dead but we are alive

free the lights and free my soul but freedom is nevermore

nevermore, nevermore, edgar why has  your raven called upon me?

why have you brought it to me?, cursed me.?


I breath, and it’s you.

But you don’t exist ,and you don’t believe, and you don’t feel,

So you can’t scream.

I can scream. I screamed your name.



But what is left, for the triviality of me?

I am left. Me.  This lifeless skin of hope and trees.

Stripped barren of her loving leaves.


Left as a leman -

Still aiming to please.


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