The Hunter's Dilemma


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The Hunter’s Dilemma
The hunter is a proud person
Proud of where he comes from
Proud of what he does
And proud of what he has done.

But a hunter is a respectful person
Respectful of his elders
Respectful of his wife
And respectful of the nature in which he plays

If a hunter takes a life
He does not rejoice in the animal’s strife
Instead he thanks the powers in the sky
For the animal’s cunning, meat, and amazing eyes

He understands that every life is precious
And that nothing is endless
So he takes a life even though he respects it.
And places it above the fire never to admit
That even though he killed this amazing animal
He will always feel a small amount of guilt.



This is really cool. You've beautified the hunter persona and added a human value to a way of life that some might believe is barbaric. I really enjoyed reading your poem because it offers a unique paradigm shift. Reading your poem was like opening a door into the philosophy of a hunter from the first few lines.

Thank you for sharing this perspective changing poem!

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