Sperm Donors



Daddy’s an asshole

Momma’s a bitch 

Don’t dare complain

Afraid of that switch .

Can’t help dreaming 

Praying one day 

Break out of there 

Break out to stay 


What are we to do ?

It’s such a bitches  brew?

Always tired , never new .

Can’t drive a car with no permit .

Fornicate and make a life .

No license for the ultimate sin.

Free to try again and again .

The little ones can not win .


Don’t try and stop this short .

You aren’t in my cohort.

Societal genital warts .

That includes worthless men .

Welfare babies and crack pipes .

There are no Facebook likes .

Well , who’d advertise that shit?

Horny dogs refuse to quit .

Maybe sterilize some people .

Not saying woman or man .

Don’t pretend you don’t understand .


Be a woman or a man .

Be a poet or a pauper .

A lounge singer or a rocker.

Sell insurance a door knocker .

Rich man beggar man thief .

Not a chance in hell ... that’s my belief .

It’s gone too far .

I’ve induced grief .

Gonna go and start tomorrow .

Too heavy , too much sorrow .


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



This has nothing to do with me . It is filled with rage with the hypocrisy of the world .

Id love to know what brings people to read something ????

ive for a couple with close to two hundred reads .

some have very little .

Does being a 58 year old man make me irrelevant .

Im younger and more idealistic than ever .

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