Big Dreams of Big Cats


I used to be a weird little girl

Who'd rather play with lizards than pearls.

In the fifth grade I had an obsession with tigers

Almost as strong as Napoleon with ligers.

Now I'm seventeen and bombarded with questions

about my future then I'm given several suggestions.

I say I want to study Biology, and become a vet.

that doesn't take care of any old pet,

I want to work with my exotic friends.

I want to help the big cats escape the small fence.

Not to attack the all the little tourists that watch

But because their confinement is a kick in the crotch.

These captive beasts need human help to survive,

But their new homes shall rehabilitate their wild drive.

I have a dream for these big cats,

To walk hand in hand with the rats.

Or atleast for the imprisoned creatures

To roam and explore a habbit with healthier features.



I know these dreams are large,

But I might as well shoot for the stars.

My mom doesn't think I'll last through all the school,

And if I make it that far, she hopes I just analyze stool. 

Working with big cats would be exciting,

And my mother and I hope I can escape their biting.




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