To be what I am and what I am (beheld as) not

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 15:53 -- aycur21


My memory is flimsy, weak to the remembrance



Never forgotten are the sentiments that cause my heart to cry


Savory veracity

Appeal to my palette

The food on my plate claim my whole being

In a warm gravity

            falling deeper

The closer my feet come to the precipice of earth

The stranger I seem to those above

            yet you regard me as down-to-earth


Those up there

They do not see the graves in the gravity

Of savoring the silent repose

            Of strength

            Of life

            Of muscle and flesh


Channeling my thoughts positively

Thinking activist thoughts of how to make my dreams a reality


I changed the path once or twice when the object became money

            But my heart beat out logic


How others let their heads prevail

I find it funny


A puerile desire

To live with the animals

Tell the world about gravity and shout to the above

Pleading for them to hear the voices

Of whom have not yet expired



They need us

We need to find a moment

To cease all yelling

To cease the calamity that silences their feeling


A deep hunger exists around the world

            Only to worsen as means are exceeded

Prolonged by consumption

            Of muscle and flesh

            Of strength

            Of life

The whole world: implicated

The whole world: afflicted


I ache to lead


A puerile desire

To own a wildlife preserve

With all the nerves in my body

Every pulsation

From my head to my toes

Because on a biological

            a living level

A genomic difference

One point two percent

            is a mere degree of division

Manufacturing the metal that allows detachment



            and them


Pure ecstasy

It would be to end captivity

For without any conditions they hold us in esteem


To be considered animal is only but a dream




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